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Performances all day and night until sunrise and beyond.


Trails of Glowing led lit interactive sculptures & mind/music stations positioned throughout the forest


One stage, 3 days 2 nights full of scheduled performances.


Power cubes are available to provide personal power forest lighting to individuals wanting to explore the grounds.

Vendors and sponsors - provide a dynamic variety of catered food and home-cooked yummy snacks and goodies available to enhance & improve the weekend experience.

details are subject to change without notice.

SEE YOU 2024

An inspiring group of creative players, leaders, thinkers & doers come together to create a unique inspiring & soul cleansing experience.

Proceeds from the event will be used to help keep music & art programs alive in public schools.  each year a different school is picked, In an extreme case potentially  saving a grade school music teachers job by offsetting the difference in the cut budget with our donation. ​

We open our land in support of the magic of the creative community. The family of creators who dedicate their lives to creation culture.

Admission is by invitation / project approval only. Propose what you can do for your creative brothers and sisters,

This is an intentional environment event development  & exclusive event.

Production crew get free puppies, parking food and exclusive membership access.

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