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soundcitysanctuary grounds:

A group of life long dedicated builders crafters artists and musicians come together to deliver an experience of surreal proportions. We transform a plot of around 250 achers of private land into an explorable showcase of music, meditation, sculpture & interactive installations. 


Our mission: to reestablish our connection to the source and revitalize your spirits minds and the land using music and creative invention.  We set out to improve the grounds each year.

While living in urban areas, often we lose track and forget that we are a part of a great big beautifully balanced natural system that is working very hard to keep our air clean and our water pure. We lose our way to a world of tasks and overwhelming challenges called life.

While the age of technology offers many conveniences to aid us in the neverending battle for self-worth and fulfillment, the only true answer is to remember where you come from and where you are going.

After so much movement it helps to disconnect and be still for a moment to put things in a greater perspective. After all, how do you know you are going anywhere at all, if you never stop to look around? Come relax and take a break with on top of a mountain so close to the stars you can almost touch them. 



- Teslas Coil -


- Barefoot -


Star Stations

1 - 10

Space Stations

1 - 10

Earth Stations

1 - 10

Group Meditations


Vendor Tents


Broken down to a simpler existence when in its presence. It helps us to clear our minds and relearn our connection to the source.

Plus, Firepit Pastries!!! 


The Fire Pit is an acapella & acoustic environment 


A forest full of stimulating challenges richly saturated colorfully designed stations to pursue musical and mental activities involving odd time signatures, textures, improvisation & polyrhythms while harmonizing with ambient soundscapes changing to the color of the environment. We sonically explore in the deeps woods and the dynamics of your mind..


From food & clothing to glowsticks battery packs and musical instruments. We offer appropriate products and vendors as a convenience for mind/body nourishment and advancement in the quality of your experience

Mar 18, 2023, 1:24 AM – 1:39 AM
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