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1. Copy, paste, fill out & customize the following text to your liking.

2. Email this application, including resume, web and social media links.

3. Don't have a cow man.. Wait patiently for a reply.



My name is                                               and I am a                                     

I've worked for                                               I am affiliated with    

I am                           



My age is

My favorite movie & favorite food is 


I have attended and/or am currently in school at


I would like to be considered for an Artist Village residency. I look forward to developing my skills while offering my abilities to the local community.


My interests are                                          My 3 top favorite musicians or artists are


My skills are

The size space i need is


I am willing to pay                      per month.

I intend to                                                                                                      and become an asset to the Providence creative community.

I intend to


(I feel i would be exposed to a dynamic variety of experience & talent and it will help to have an inspiring active environment to live and work in. 

I believe that

I was referred here by

Included with this application is my resume and samples of work.

Submit samples here.


I can be reached at


My email is 







________________________________                                       _____________________  
 Signature                                                                             Date

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