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Something is broken & we can fix it.

Today, many young aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs find it difficult to locate resources and support in our city. Post-college / young professionals need continuing education and affordable workspace to experiment and develop their skills in the real world. 


We provide the space, tools, and inspiration needed to pursue creative endeavors as professionals, in a real-world way. With the development of our new facility, we will have the opportunity to help the most unique & ambitious creator's embrace their skills & community while remaining inner-city residents.


As a live-work share with rent-controlled residencies, equipped co-working studios & a continuing education focus, our priority is sustainability, not profit margin. We create opportunities for skilled tenants to subsidize their rent with community & public works. This makes us capable of developing space in areas that real estate developers would look past.

As a result, we are the support system for productive & capable individuals who now have the time & resources to pursue their crafts in a more career-oriented professional manner. 


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