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Providence / Rhode Island Resident Retention & Growth Agenda.




Today, many young, aspiring talented creatives and entrepreneurs find it difficult or impossible to locate affordable resources and support. If they are good they have to move to NY or LA


Post-college / young professionals need continued inspirational support, encouragement & exciting opportunities to hone their craft.

Surrounded by a talented community, amazing workspaces & professional tools, unpredictable levels of achievement can be reached.


We provide these things and much more, included in the rent as a resident, or through memberships.


With the development of our newest facility, we will have the opportunity to sustainably support over 50 live-in residents, creators & progressive minds, while they enjoy the conveniences of a beautiful & stable Providence Rhode Island residency.


Promise To Providence:

Offering a unique resource of exciting equipped environments & a community for creators is our focus and inner-city sustainability is our priority, not profit margin.


We're dedicated to building the innercity strong with a character and style that will be recognizable around the world. We support this local community and are excited to promote the potency and creative spirit that lives here.  Let's keep this city fun and exciting to be in.


Otherwise, the redevelopment costs of any said building with no community agenda just drive rent rates up and entrepreneurs, start-ups, musicians & artists out. This makes for a very dull city in comparison. Eventually, people will be wondering, where all the creative culture they talk about in their pamphlets went?

1 more reason to stay a Rhode Island resident for a creative professional. Or move here from NY or LA.


This city needs more affordable creative spaces, artists & musicians & less vacant storefronts & parking tickets.



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